Final Project… SMNRs

While doing the Social Media News Release (SMNR) I was confused about the purpose of it. I was under the impression that it was simply a news release put online. I then read the article suggested with the assignment, and to be honest I was still confused. In the article ” Social Media Releases – Everything You Ever Wanted to (0r Should) Know” the author was conversational and relaxed with his words. He first gave a background on SMNR and how it is used and even misused, but with that being said, I still didn’t understand what was the difference between that and a news release online. According to the author “…Social Media Release has been pushed by many influencers, including Tom Foremski’s public outcry for the death of crappy press releases; Todd Defren who offered the first template and remains an authoritative champion; Chris Heuer who helped lead an effort to propose a standard for their construction and distribution; Stowe Boyd who reminds disingenuous, lazy or opportunistic PR people that they’re not invited to participate in Social Media (and rightfully so); Shel Holtz who hosted the originalNMRcast, and continues to demonstrate the value of new releases; Shannon Whitley’s work to help PR “get it;” and the many others who continue to carry the flag forward.”

And honestly speaking, that still didn’t help me to understand. So i did some research on my own. I realized that I was right all along, because I AM A GENIUS OF COURSE, a SMNR is a news release just online. Based on Liberate Media SMNR “template offers all of the core information found in a traditional press release, but additionally takes advantage of linking, multimedia and Web 2.0 shareable features. It enables businesses to share their news announcements with a social media audience of bloggers, journalists and the general public.” Which would answer the advantage… IT’S CONVENIENT. It’s easier to access.

A practitioner should consider using a SMNR because it makes their life easier to get the message out. But Brian Solis would probably also argue that it makes the practice more lazy. In my opinion, PR is also about getting the client’s message out the the public the most effective way possible, that would of course include a simpler road. It’s not always about working hard, it’s sometimes about working smart.

Two websites that will help someone create a SMNR

A link to a SMNR that an organization has created

My link to my SMNR that I created.

The purpose of my SMNR was to inform the media of the upcoming event that BSA is host. It a fashion show, also know as blaqshion, and it was a competition amoung the designer to go to a top designer’s show in New York. My target audience was the residents of Statesboro, so that they may come and support the talents of the students.

5-10 tips for SMNR creation

1. Have patience and entire the information correctly.

2. Make sure there is no spelling errors.

3. Be creative so that it grabs the attention of the readers

4. Link the sites or video or provide sources for information

5. Remember it is still a news release therefore format is still important




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